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“Armstrong has created a great mix of thriller, romance and survival that keeps you hooked to the very last page. ”
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Rockton is an isolated off-the grid town where those with the money can hide from the world; whether they are victims of crime or the perpetrator. The only law in Rockton is Casey Duncan, former homicide detective and her partner Eric Dalton the sheriff, who has lived in Rockton his entire life.

What Rockton has never been is a prison. Which is what the shadowy council behind Rockton want to do when they drop off Oliver Brady, a suspected serial killer, for them to hold for the next 6 months. And, although Brady professes his innocence everyone around him seems to start dying.

I love this series, Armstrong has created a great mix of thriller, romance and survival that keeps you hooked to the very last page. I had to read on, with each new nugget of information I swung from believing I knew what was going on to not having a clue. It was definitely the latter. This Fallen Prey ends with a fantastic twist that has my hands itching to get a hold of the next book.

But, it wasn’t just the drama surrounding Brady and his possible serial killer status that I enjoyed about This Fallen Prey. I really liked seeing glimpses into what life in Rockton, a small isolated town with no access to modern amenities, was like. I also liked seeing how Casey has fit into the town and with Eric, finding happiness in the last place she ever expected.

This Fallen Prey was a great thriller, with so many twists and turns that it leaves your head in spin. With every new answer you get it just leads to more questions, and not just about Brady, about Rockton itself and the shadowy cabal of people who run it. As well as this you get a great strong, smart female protagonist in Casey Duncan and an understated but powerful romance between her and Eric.

If you haven’t started this series yet, then you need to give it a try, it’s full of action, thrills and a dash of romance, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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