Thief’s Magic definitely hit the spot, it was full of adventure, magic and interesting new worlds.” ~ Under the Covers

Tyen lives in a world powered by magic, from the machines that print books to airships and is a student of the Empire’s Academy studying sorcery and archaeology. Tyen is like any other student, until he make a remarkable discovery whilst on a dig. A magic book. Vella. Vella was a woman who, long ago was made in to a book, she stores all the knowledge of the person who touches her and she may have the answer to the troubles that are currently plaguing Tyen’s world. In another land ruled by priests, Rielle is a dyers daughter and has been taught that to use magic is to steal from the Angels, resulting in your soul being damned. But circumstances force Rielle to use the magic and steal from the Angels and now she must face her ultimate fate.

Fantasy in the first genre I ever started reading and I love to dip back into the genre every now and immerse myself in new worlds full of magic and mayhem. Thief’s Magic definitely hit the spot, it was full of adventure, magic and interesting new worlds and I now can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

For those who enjoy their fantasy full of swords and men hitting each other with pointy objects, which I admit I do, then this probably isn’t the book for you, it was slow to build, with the beginning of the book concentrating on world building of not just one world, but two. Tyen and Rielle, our main characters, are both from different worlds and it was fascinating to see two different perspectives on the same thing; magic. Tyen’s world in more analytical and science oriented, everything had to be backed up with evidence where as Rielle’s world had more of a creationist viewpoint. I enjoyed reading from both of their POVs and Canavan has a knack for switching view’s at the right point,leaving you wanting to know what will happen next, but excited to switch to see the other character.

What I enjoyed most about this book was Vella, the woman-turned-book and even if I didn’t like other aspects of this book, which I did, I would continue reading to see what is going to happen to her. Although she is a book, she is just as much of character as Tyen and Rielle and I look forward to seeing if Tyen succeeds in turning her back into a woman.

I have really enjoyed this book, although it was slow to start, it soon picked up the pace and became more exciting and adventure oriented. I look forward to the next book and can’t wait to see if Rielle and Tyen will ever meet and what happens if they do.

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