… I found this book a little bit unoriginal, there were no real surprises, that didn’t stop me from enjoying it ~ Under the Covers

Damaris Chance never wants to marry and her past has ensure that she never will, all she wants is a secure future where she doesn’t have to rely on anyone but her self. Freddy Monkton-Coombes never wants to marry, but it seems if he doesn’t find someone, his parents will find someone for him, whether he likes the girl or not. So Freddy comes up with the perfect plan, a fake engagement to the one woman in England who genuinely doesn’t want marriage and the one woman that Freddy can’t stop thinking about; Miss Damaris Chance.

I really loved the first book in this series The Autumn Bride, it was heart warming, funny and although not particularly original story wise, it didn’t stop me loving it. And although I have enjoyed this the second book in the Chance Sisters series it didn’t have the certain spark that made me consume the first book.

I think the problem I had with this book was that it was very slow to start, the first three quarters of The Winter Bride plod on fairly slowly and at times I was a little bored. However, it did start to grow more interesting towards the end when more exciting events are set in motion, it is just a shame that everything had to wait till that point to get moving.

I did, however, like Freddy and Damaris, they were a sweet couple and although both their “mysterious” pasts were fairly easy to predict and therefore not that mysterious, I was still vying for them. I liked the way that although from the very beginning there was always an attraction between them, that their relationship seemed to grow through friendship and then exploded into something more, which is far more gratifying than instalove.

Although I found this book a little bit unoriginal, there were no real surprises, that didn’t stop me from enjoying it and I will definitely continue to read on to find out what happens with the rest of the Chance girls.

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