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Josephine Malone is devastated when her grandmother Lydia dies, Lydia has been the constant rock in her life when everything has crumbled around her, which is why she was one of the few people she has ever trusted. And even beyond life Lydia has strives to give Josephine what she needs; Jake Spear.

I don’t know why I even read Kristen Ashley books before I review them, I know it is going to get the highest rating. There is just something in her books that keeps me coming back for more! I think it must be the great big dollop of heart she wraps her books in, because in my head I know her books can be completely over the top ridiculous and unrealistic, not to mention over long. But does that stop me from lapping up every word? No it doesn’t. It makes me come back for more, and all I can deduce from this is that is must be the complete love that Kristen Ashley has for her characters and her series shining through her words making it impossible for me not to fall in love a little to.

But, back to the book in question The Will, a first book in a new series of which I am already eagerly anticipating the next installment. This book was sweet and romantic, with a massive side order of sexy, Jake and Josie, although seem like opposites are such a great fit. Jake is a KA patented alpha male with all the droolworthy hotness that implies and Josie, although she seemed a a bit uptight was at times hilarious. There was also the kiddie angle, and we read as Josie gets enfolded into Jake and his three kids and having something she has never really had before; a family. It is all so damn adorable and sweet it was giving me cavities.

KA has also created a small community that is easy to immerse yourself in, it contained some interesting side characters, from Josie’s new BFF, to the sexy sheriff, I am definitely pinning my hopes on the latter getting a book of his own!

I enjoyed every word of this book, but I am an unashamed Kristen Ashley groupie, so you may want to take that into consideration when reading this. But, if you are after a sweet romance with an array of interesting characters and a likable main couple, than The Will is worth giving a shot.

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