Ashley has all the elements ready for a fun book. But she adds more when she infuses it with her humor and charm. ~ Under the Covers

Describe The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie in three words

Annie: Charming, Adventurous, Sexy. (Or am I just describing Daniel here? ;P)

Suz: Sexy Balloon Ride!

After watching Daniel grow up, did he meet your expectations?

Annie: Daniel actually turned out more cocky than I expected him to be. But I guess if you have the money and the Mackenizie name backing you up, why wouldn’t you be? I always knew he would be charming, but never to the extent that Daniel was in the book. I adored the balloon ride scene and thought that was the most unique adventure I’d seen in a historical romance for a long time. It also helped that Daniel was a charmer the whole way through too.

Suz: For me, Daniel was both more and less than I expected. Annie is totally correct, Daniel was cocky and charming, but with a big ol’ heart infusing him with warmth as well. It was hard not to love him. But, maybe I have just gotten used to big, brooding Scotsman from this series as what he made up for in charisma he lacked in intensity. He just didn’t have that edge of darkness that the previous heroes had.

Violet, was she a heroine you connected with?

Annie: I enjoyed Violet’s character. Her secret definitely made me care about her more. When you have a heroine who has had to endure what she had to, you can’t help but sympathize with her character. But the fact that she was a spiritual medium made her all that more interesting! I don’t think anything is more entertaining than that!

Suz: I did, I really liked Violet, she was clever and resourceful. She had suffered through a hard life of constant worry and responsibility and I loved watching her soften and trust Daniel.

Overall how did you like this book? Will you read the next book in the series?

Annie: Daniel’s book turned out to be different than I expected. With adorable dialogue and larger-than-life characters, Ashley has all the elements ready for a fun book. But she adds more when she infuses it with her humor and charm. And of course I’m excited to read Sinclair McBride’s story! Highland Pleasures is a must-read series for me!

Suz: Overall I really enjoyed this book, Daniel and Violet were a great couple with fantastic chemistry and I loved seeing all the other Mackenzies. Sadly it wasn’t my favourite book in the series, I didn’t really connect to it like I have with the others, but it was still fun, unique and sexy. Roll on the next book, I can’t wait to read it!

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