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“Caught me from the beginning.” ~ Under the Covers

THE VIRGIN’S NIGHT OUT contains two novellas.  My overall rating is listed above but I’ll break down in my review below.


Caught me from the beginning.  Sloane Redding was shy and maybe a little mousy.  She got left at the altar (or the day of her wedding) and ran away from her small town from the humiliation.  Now she’s back for her brother’s wedding and she wants to have a good time, throw caution to the wind.  And she sets out to do just that when she meets Boone at the bar.  No names.  No commitments.  Just a one night stand.  Except she forgets to mention to Boone she’s a virgin.

I loved the fact that these two were destined to be together.  Yeah, it may be a little cliche but oh it’s so sweet!  He’s her brother’s best friend.  She used to write him letters when he was in the military.  The connection was there even from all those years ago.  They just never knew what the other looked like, until the day of her brothers’ wedding when she realizes her one night stand was with Boone.

Boone is sort of the typical ex military guy who had a bad past and has nothing good to give to a good woman.  But Sloane pushes those limits and what he wants.  Makes him want the things he thought he couldn’t/shouldn’t have.

Although some of the conflict in this book boils down to miscommunication, or better yet omission of truth, it wasn’t something that bothered me as it would normally.  Boone and Sloane are sizzling from the start and they both have big personalities.  It was nice to see them come together sweetly in the end.  And I had fun reading it, I mean, there’s secret babies, amnesia and even a Mexican jail!

Favorite Quote:

Calm, rational Sloane was shouting up at her.  Say no!  Say no!  Go inside.  Right now!

She put her hand in his and told calm, rational Sloane to go to hell.


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