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“Beware, snorting, fits of laughter and weird looks from those around you will happen while reading THE VIRGIN ROMANCE NOVELIST.  Get ready to just have a good time!” ~ Under the Covers

It’s not often that I pick up a book with no expectations and it takes me on an unsuspected ride.  I couldn’t resist the cover and title of this one.  And the fact that I thought it would be cute and funny was a big plus.  I don’t read enough funny books to my liking.  There just aren’t that many good ones out there!  This, though.  THIS BOOK had me crying with laughter and texting all my friends about it.

Rosie is a 23 year old, trying to make her career as a writer but working at a cat magazine spending her days writing about the best ways to clean your litter box.  She wants something better for herself, and her two roommates and college buddies both have great careers while she feels like she’s been falling behind.  Her dream has always been to write a romance novel, but she’s stuck.  She’s stuck on the Fabio and body ripper days because that’s mostly what she reads, and she’s stuck because she can’t seem to write about sex.  See she’s a virgin, so how can she write about something she hasn’t experienced.  This is where her two best friends and roommates join forces to help her explore her sexual and dating life and sign her up for online dating.  What follows while Rosie explores this new side of herself is hysterical!

utc-top-pickWhile a lot of funny books I find don’t have a strong romance, I was definitely sold on the chemistry between Rosie and Henry.  There wasn’t a whole lot of mystery to the fact that she needs to end up with him and I enjoyed every moment between the two of them.  Like tip-toeing around flirting and seducing while still trying to believe they were just friends.  I can even forgive him the jackass move at the end.  They were perfect together!

I can’t tell people enough how much they need to pick this up.  It was definitely one of my favorite reads so far this year and I loved it so much I now feel the urge to go and read more of Meghan Quinn’s books and see if they are all funny like this.  Personality goes a long way for me in my enjoyment of a story, and I loved what came through in this story.

Beware, snorting, fits of laughter and weird looks from those around you will happen while reading THE VIRGIN ROMANCE NOVELIST.  It’s bound to happen whether it’s the dates gone wrong, the damn cat antics in the office or Rosie herself and the things that come out of her mouth.  This was just the book I needed to bring some happiness to my month and I think you need to run to get it.  Get ready to just have a good time!

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m not living in my books; they’re just my friends.”

“I’m a guy, I get a boner over side boob…anything can turn me on, really.”

“It’s foggy in here,” Atticus called out as he brushed the baby powder cloud out of our space.
“Yeah, weird,” I laughed nervously, as I tried to avoid eye contact with everyone who thought I was smoking a plate of pork loins in my vagina.

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