I don’t think it truly burned bright in comparison to the other books in the series.~ Under the Covers

Lady Louisa Scranton needs to marry well. Her family seem to create scandal wherever they go, her sister Isabella eloping with a Mackenzie only to separate from him and her father robbing half the ton of their money only to be found out and leaving her and her mother almost destitute. Marriage to a respectable gentleman seems the answer, even if the only man she dream of, who she shared two passionate kisses with is the man she wants, so when the Bishop of Hargate asks for her hand, she almost says yes…only he drops dead of poison before she can answer him. Chief Inspector Lloyd Fellows, bastard half brother of the Mackenzies, has been called to look investigate the murder of a Bishop, and when he sees Louisa is a suspect he vows to clear her name and try and keep his hands off her. But it is much harder then he thought when the lady in question looks at him with such simmering passion in her eyes…

We have come to the end of the first generation of Mackenzie men, what are your thoughts, does Fellows lead them off with a bang?

Suzanne: I can’t believe a whole generation of sexy Scottish Mackenzies have gone already, I loved every book, including Fellows. He was all repressed passion with lust and love just bubbling under the surface ready to be released on one lucky lady. Although Fellows book may not have been my favourite, he definitely didn’t let the Mackenzies down, and I now can’t wait to get to Daniel’s book to see which woman will be able to capture his attention.

Annie: I was one of those readers who was interested in reading Fellows’ story. Though I don’t necessarily think he is up to par with the rest of the Mackenzie men, I did enjoy his story. I’m glad Ashley had the chance to give Fellows his own novella because I think it brought greater insight to his character and also, it tied up some loose ends in the series.

How were the main couple, did Louisa and Fellows have the same chemistry as the previous couples?

Suzanne: After the two kisses that Louisa and Fellows shared in previous books, I was ready for them to have an explosive and passionate romance…unfortunately that never seemed to come to pass. They did have chemistry together and the few hotter scenes between them were great, but I just wish there was more of them together like that.

Annie: Being that this is a novella, the length very much played a part in how much I enjoyed the story. I was very impressed by the setup that Ashley managed to do with this story, but I also felt like it was a little rushed in some parts and slow in others. Fellows and Louisa have great chemistry, but I don’t think it truly burned bright in comparison to the other books in the series.

What are your thoughts on the next book in the series?

Suzanne: I can’t wait for Daniel’s book, he is full of charisma and that Mackenzie charm, although I don’t think he is as intense perhaps as his father or his uncles, I still have high expectations for his book

Annie: Gimme gimme gimme! I am SO excited for Daniel’s book! I truly wasn’t expecting him to get his own book, but please don’t let that stop it from coming out. I wonder how Ashley will make a man out of Daniel. He’s always seemed a little goofy and young in the previous books of the series, so I am eager to see how Ashley shows some character growth!

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  1. I want to preface this comment with telling you Jennifer Ashley is my all time FAVORITE author…but I was not thrilled with this story. If felt like an Ashley Gardner Mystery. The story line was awesome, the characters fantastic, the build up and sizzle too. But when they finally did give in and let go it was kinda a let down. She can write hot bedroom scenes and this one fell flat for me. I knew Fellows wasn’t a romantic but a QUICK tussle in the hay was not what I had pictured. Oh well they can’t all be first class winners. She’s written some fantastic novellas and I’m not a novella fan. Give me a full novel and I’m happy.

  2. I love this series and I can’t wait to read this book. I will be said when I get done with Daniels book. Ian is my favorite book boyfriend.