Daphne MacLeod was once betrothed to Laird Broen MacNicols but for many reasons that wedding was never destined take place. In order to escape that would- be marriage, Daphne MacLeod lost her virtue to Norris Sutherland. Both Daphne and Norris ultimately returned to their perspective homes, both still single and both a bit altered with all that went on between them.

Being on the losing side after the Battle of Sauchieburn, MacLeod lands were raided and left nearly barren, leaving Daphne to pick up the pieces and gather her clan in some sort of unity. She is still held with some contempt by her clan since the marriage to MacNicols would have helped the clan’s dire situation after the battle, but Daphne knew she did the right thing. Three months after their loss, the MacLeod clan is trying to get it together, with some difficulty, and Daphne still thinks often of Norris Sutherland.

In the three months since Norris Sutherland bedded Daphne, his mind also often drifts to thoughts of the lass. Things are no longer the same with him either as he finds himself uninterested with every other lass that throws herself in his path. Laird Lytge Sutherland watches his son ,Norris carefully and sees there is something amiss with his son’s attitude. In a conversation with his son he suggests that Daphne may be a perfect match for Norris, providing the rumors of her elusive dowry are true. This sparks the interest of Norris who agrees that his father’s suggestion might just be something to explore. So he sets out to the MacLeod holding with his bastard brother, Gahan and his loyal men in tow.

Trouble brews brightly when neighboring Comyn leader Morrell Comyn sets his sights on capturing and forcing Daphne to become his bride. Comyn does not realize the enemy he makes of Norris Sutherland once he sets a hand on Daphne, or what lengths Norris Sutherland will go to make sure Daphne is safe and secure, even if he has to drag her back to Sutherland lands. Which he ultimately does, in the process creating turmoil on every side. On top of all that another woman, Sandra Fraser, vying for Norris Sutherland’s attentions arrives, wreaking havoc with every breath she takes. Daphne is a formidable lass, but is she enough to take on the evil-doings? Will the Sutherland clan back her up when things go awry? Or will they allow Daphne to hang? All these questions and more are answered when you read The Trouble with Highlanders by Mary Wine.

Oh how I loved this book. When an author and the story can get my emotions flowing, and I go from happy, to sad to angry ( where I wish I was part of the book and want to murder the evil wench), I know it’s a winner. Then it has to have a strong female. I am so NOT for a whiny “woes me” chick. Daphne is in no way whiny. She is strong, she is sassy and she interesting. Norris is no slouch either, my ultimate male, tall, devilishly handsome and loyal. Mary Wine is a master or more appropriately the mistress when it comes to story-telling. I had just put down a book I could not get through to save my life, picked up The Trouble with Highlanders, and stayed up all night intrigued with this book. Reading it refreshed my memories of The Highlander’s Prize by Mary Wine, where we meet Daphne and Norris. Yes, I loved that book too.

The Trouble with Highlanders is a roller-coaster of romance, suspense and history all wrapped up in a paperback novel for all to enjoy. I highly recommend this, or any read by Mary Wine for that matter. I am so looking forward to the next book in this Highlander saga!

*ARC provided by author

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