ARC Review: The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

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ARC Review: The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden
The Theory of Attraction
Book Info

Released: July 9, 2012
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Series: The Science of Temptation #1
Pages: 136


Nerds + BDSM = The Theory of Attraction

That’s the basic equation of this book, but my reaction to it was not exactly raving. I was recommended this book because of the interesting nerd Dom and because I love to read BDSM.  I jumped on it, but didn’t exactly feel entirely connected to this book.

-Camilla has been attracted to Ivan, her neighbour who happens to be smart rocket scientist. She has had this crush on him for a long time and when Ivan asks her to teach him to be more sociable, Camilla takes this opportunity to be a little more closer to him. I never really connected with Camilla’s character. Her POV just never really captured my attention. While I did think she was funny, in the end, it wasn’t enough for me to warm up to her.

-Ivan is an interesting character. He isn’t your usual Dom, that’s for sure and it’s the main reason why I decided to read this book, but I felt that a lot of the time he was a jerk. I think the author was trying to make him more of a stern Dom, but for me, it just didn’t translate that well.

So while I liked the idea of this nerd hero, he actually felt more like an arrogant nerd rather than one who was shy since that’s what I normally associate with “nerds”. He just happened to be extremely smart.

Though The Theory of Attraction wasn’t a home run for me, there are some good parts and sexy times in this book. It could be worth the read!

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  1. I just finished this one yesterday, and really liked it. I do agree that Ivan seemed like a jerk some of the time, and it’s something I’m bringing up in my review, too. But overall, I did enjoy it, since I do have a thing for nerds. Intelligence is sexy! 😀

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