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ARC Review: The Sweetest Torture by Amanda Bonilla
The Sweetest Torture
Book Info

Released: October 15, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Sexy Shifter Shorts #1
Pages: 52


Torn apart by a betrayal, Logan and Cait long for each other’s company yet still cannot get over the past hurts that have separated them. Thirty years ago, Cait left the Alpha cougar shapeshifter when she caught him in bed with another woman. Not a woman to simply brood, she takes initiative and with the help of her father, she is able to take everything Logan has worked hard for away from him.

Now, with an impending war, the only way to make peace is to have Cait and Logan marry. Cait uses this one chance to exact revenge on Logan once more so he learns from his grave mistake. But one touch from him and she melts…There’s no denying that her once potent feelings for him still linger just beneath the surface.

Amanda Bonilla has created a unique world. Fusing together politics and drama into such a tight word count is a very difficult thing to do, yet Bonilla really manages to bring this world to life. Passion and fury are very much evident in both the hero and heroine. Cait harbors some unspent anger that she wishes to unleash on Logan once more, but beneath that is her reluctant love for him as well. Her fury would not be so potent if she hadn’t loved Logan so much, making his betrayal that much more harder to bear.

I wondered how Bonilla would work this HEA out. But WOW, she really threw me for a loop! She managed to completely blindside me and redeem Logan in a way that made his efforts to make peace with Cait more endearing.

THE SWEETEST TORTURE is a story about love lost and found again. It’s a short, but scorching hot read that has intense passion, interesting politics and a unique world. This is definitely a book I wish was a full-length novel instead of a short. After finishing it, I only wanted more!

*ARC provided by author

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