ARC Review: The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan

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ARC Review: The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan
The Suffragette Scandal
Book Info

Released: July 15, 2014
Series: Brothers Sinister #4
Pages: 281

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“Edward Clarke will probably steal your heart as well.” ~ Under the Covers

There’s something comforting about cracking open a Courtney Milan book.  Every time.  Maybe it’s that sense of expect the unexpected.  THE SUFFRAGETTE SCANDAL is again, an unconventional historical romance.  And for all the unconventional it bring, it’s such a fun read.

This is the story of Edward Clark (or is he?) and Free Marshall.  Edward had to take on that name after his family’s betrayal.  He lost his chance at the inheriting the family title and position, and suffered unimaginable tortures.  He is now a changed man.  No longer the norm with the aristocracy.  He could never go back to being and thinking that way after what he’s seen and endured.  What he’s had to do.  But he is not all bad.

When he realizes his brother is out to ruin Free Marshall and her newspaper, because of her revolutionary ways and thoughts, he sets himself to help her in the battle to their common enemy.  What he wasn’t expecting was how much he came to care for her.

Courtney Milan has a knack for writing smart and daring heroines.  I think the adventures and troubles they get into are always fun and interesting.  And may leave you hanging a bit on whether they’ll come out ok on the other side or not.  This book was no different. It had my attention from the very beginning and through all their adventures.

And I loved our main couple.  Their chemistry was amazing.  And I loved how he was never to be trusted.  But in the end, he’s one of the most honorable men around.  Edward Clarke will probably steal your heart as well.

I can’t wait for the next time I can dive into a Courtney Milan story.  I anxiously await them every time.

Favorite Quote:

“I married her to unleash her on the world, not to keep her under wraps.” 

*ARC provided by author

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About Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, a marginally-trained dog, and an attack cat. Courtney wishes she could say she has lived in numerous fabulous places. But aside from her husband, there is a distinct lack of fabulousness in her life. Instead, she is happy when standards in the Milan household hover above mediocrity. Her husband attempts not to kill people for a living.[1] In exchange, Courtney attempts not to do the dishes.

Before she started writing historical romance, Courtney experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training, scientificating... Having given up on being able to do any of those things, she's taken to heart the axiom that those who can't do, teach. When she's not reading (lots), writing (lots), or sleeping (not enough), she can be found in the vicinity of a classroom.


1. The astute reader will notice that this sentence can be read as either "Courtney's husband attempts to make his living by means other than offing unsuspecting passersby," or as "Courtney's husband, while making a living, tries not to leave dead bodies in his wake." Luckily, both are true. Although it must be admitted that Mr. Milan has had greater success with the former.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I have numerous Courtney Milan books sitting on my TBR which I really need to start. *hangs head, I just checked and I have 11 of her book on my TBR pile*

  2. Lovely review! And I so agree. I love Conrtney Milan’s books and look forward to reading this new one. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the review! I haven’ t gotten started on her books, but this sounds really different from anything I have read.

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