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Chupeco’s way of closing out this trilogy was well done.“~ Under the Covers

The inseparable siblings, Tea, and Fox have come such a long way from when this trilogy had started. Tea is not the lost little girl she once was. She is now a powerful Bone Witch and knows exactly what she wants.  Fox, on the other hand, from the subdued and quiet brother to a very confident man. Both their characters have evolved so much. Their relationship not only as siblings, but confidants have changed dramatically and let me tell you, it gets quite emotional.

There is more romance in this installment not just for the main characters, but a few others.  There’s a couple of HEA’s that I totally didn’t expect and am glad it came to pass. I’d prefer not to discuss the individual HEA due to spoilers, but know that I am very satisfied where Chipeco has lead everyone’s love interest.  The hint of LGBTQ relationship was also nicely done.

I love seeing Tea in action using her magic.  She is in her element when it comes to the use of her powers.  I also enjoyed learning more of the surrounding kingdoms though I wish there was more of it.  I feel like Chupeco focused more on the characters’ stories in this final book.

What hit me the most is the bittersweet ending. If you’ve read the first two installments, you know that part of the story is from the past and the other from the future.  Well, in this last installment, the gap between the two gets closer. The ending didn’t come abruptly but Chupeco’s way of closing out this trilogy was well done.


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