“…saying I was disappointed it overstating how I felt, I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but I wasn’t floored by it”
~ Under the Covers

Is there anything I love more than a plain Jane story? Not really, especially in historical romance, I’m pretty sure if you search ‘wallflower’ on my kindle most of the book son my historical shelf would pop up. And one of my all time plain Jane books and just favourite books in general is Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake which is Sarah MacLean’s debut novel. So seeing that she was starting a new series, with a plain Jane/wallfloweresque heroine had be chomping on the bit, desperate to get my greedy mitts on it.

Now, saying I was disappointed it overstating how I felt, I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but I wasn’t floored by it, nor did I think it was as good as Nine Rules… I admit, MacLean’s writing has become a little more polished since than, but what I loved about Nine Rules… was the heart it had in it. I loved the heroine I felt like I connected to her, writing that was a little rough around the edges barely registered compared to the involvement and investment I had with the characters and the story.

The Rogue Not Taken had a great premise, the hero and heroine were hightailing it across the country, each for their own reasons and were very reluctantly coming to admire and love one another. The heroine was witty and intelligent and the hero was brooding enough to be interesting and of course bliming gorgeous. I just didn’t feel it, it was all very well calculated, but it failed to tug on my heart strings and really capture me like some of her previous work has.

But, I did enjoy this book it just didn’t wow me, it was a good start to the series and I would read the next book, I maybe just wouldn’t rush for it.


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  1. Thanks for the review! Sorry you were disappointed! I have a few books of Sarah’s on my shelf, but haven’t gotten to them yet. Hopefully next year!

  2. Nice review, Suzanne. I’ve read one and a half books by this author, and neither wowed me. I may check her out further down the road, but at this point I’m just not sure her writing is for me.