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” …the well plotted story hooked me to read page after page.”
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I love this new world full of magic and spirits where the Queen rules over the spirits who can ultimately wipe out the humans. With her magic, she controls the elemental spirits to her. Idding with keeping her people safe. Unfortunately, the queen’s rule doesn’t last forever. In fact, as tradition, there’s already several girls in training for the position. In this world, to become queen you’ll have to be magically gifted,powerful, and a master at controlling the spirits.

From a very young age, if you’re born with magic, it is expected for you to train endlessly to qualify to be heirs. And even then, only the best of the best will be chosen to become queen. It will be brutal, it can be dangerous but only the strongest can ensure their survival.

I could not get enough of the world Sarah Beth Durst has created. The magic, political intrigue, spirits, love interests, friendships, and the well plotted story hooked me to read page after page.

What I love most is the character’s growth from the beginning to the end of the book. Clearly the tragedy she experienced led her to the life of being an heir. I enjoyed the different POV of the characters though I wish there was more of the evil spirits’ POV. I would’ve like to get more of what is happening in their head.

Overall, The queen of Blood is a wonderful start to this series and I am super excited for what Durst have in store for the next installment.




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