“The pacing also could’ve been better. I think that was the biggest thing that lost my interest.”
~ Under the Covers

I have been known to pick up a Corinne Michaels book from time to time and enjoy her stories, usually full of heart and characters that feel real.  So I was excited to read this one even though I haven’t read the previous books in the series.

Sadly, this wasn’t a win for me.  Maybe it was my mood? I found myself quite bored while reading this story and not buying into the behavior of the characters.  Best friends who have never acted on an attraction that apparently has always been there. The hero is back shortly from his pro-baseball season and the heroine is no longer in a relationship. So it seems the best time to explore things. And find the roadblocks that inevitably will come up.

I don’t want to give much away with this story but my first complaint was the heroine. I just felt like something was off with her for me the whole time. From how she handled the ex, to how she handled her relationship with her parents. Then there’s the hero who has made a big deal about how it could never work and in 5 seconds he does a 180 and wants to go for it for real. I just wasn’t buying what either of them were saying.  And then we get to the twist, which I won’t mention. That whole thing was so obvious that by the time we have the reveal I just wanted to move past it because I had been expecting that for a while.

The pacing also could’ve been better. I think that was the biggest thing that lost my interest. Overall, while I still enjoy Ms. Michaels writing style, this book just wasn’t much for me.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t be picking up another book by her in the future.



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