“It is a timely, thought-provoking, and engaging story…”

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The Nature of Witches is an immersive and compulsive contemporary fantasy novel in which witches and non-magic humans (who are called shaders) cohabit together in a world where the witches control the climate and the weather, keeping everything steady and calm. Every witch is tied to one of the four seasons which is when they are stronger and more powerful, but, among them, there is one witch who is more powerful than the others, an Everwitch: they are tied to all four seasons and when the season changes, so do they.

Clara is an Everwitch, considered the most powerful witch alive, and everyone’s expectations and hopes are on her. The climate is rapidly changing, there isn’t enough magic to control it and witches are dying in their effort to stop the atmosphere from collapsing. However, Clara doesn’t feel up to the task. She doesn’t accept her power and she doesn’t trust herself to control it, so she isolates herself to protect the people she loves.

Clare attends a Hogwarts-like school in Pennsylvania where she attends classes with the other students, but she doesn’t have any friends and resides in an isolated cottage. Despite her reluctance, Clara needs to master her power, so she is put together with Sang, a young botanist from California, to help her control her magic and save the witches. As the season changes, Clara and Sang’s relationship develops, but is she ready to let herself go and risk being with Sang?

Clara is an intriguing and well-crafted protagonist. She is a seventeen-year-old girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is afraid of her powers and she just wants normalcy and quiet. She feels pressure over everyone’s expectations, and she feels their disappointment when she doesn’t show her potential and her power. Most of all, she feels grief and guilt, and she feels responsible for the people who died because she lost control of her power, so she punishes herself. I liked the character of Clara because she feels authentic and relatable, but my favourite character was Sang: I found him sweet, calm, kind, genuine, and fun.

I really enjoyed reading The Nature of Witches. It is unique and refreshing, not your usual fantasy novel. It is a timely, thought-provoking, and engaging story with a strong ecological theme of climate change, but also themes of romance, friendship, and the journey of rediscovery and acceptance of oneself.


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