The Marriage Mistake is the third installment of Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst.  I must say that this book is the best of the three.  Ms. Probst mastered the art of sexual tension, smexy scenes and managed to add a heart-warming element to the story, not to mention the swoon worthy hero.

Max and Carina are two people who are career minded.  Max already established in the business world with Michael Conte, Carina’s older Brother.  Carina on the other hand, had just finished her MBA and had come to America to learn the family business.  Because Max saw her as his BFF’s little sis, he felt like he was babysitting and was a bit resentful of this assignment.  However, what he did not expect was that Carina has grown up to be a beautiful, sexy, very independent woman and has been in-love with him for years.   And that, shocked the heck out of him.

I was intrigued with Max and Carina being 20th century career focused but with a very heavy cultural background.  In the melting pot of New York City, this is realistic and very believable.  How many of us battle between making your career a priority, love life or family life.  Max and Carina managed to get both.  Not only that their story was heartfelt, but had funny banters, family love, extremely high sexual tension and very sexy love scenes.

The secondary characters were just as great.  Nick/Alexa and Michael/Maggie made their cameo.  Momma Conte was there again and she was a major factor to this love story.  You know what they say, mother knows best.  And the “Book of Spell” that has made its way from Alexa to Maggie and Alexa, made its cameo.  Looks like IT will make its way to the next heroine for Ms. Probst series.

*crossing fingers*

Overall, if you enjoy a light read full of romance, heavy with sexual tension and ends with a Happy-Ever-After, this book is for you.  Correction, this series is for you!!!

*ARC provided by publisher

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