“After reading chapter eight, I was cyber-ly asking for a cigarette.” ~ Under the Covers

The Book of Spells was making its magic again! Or is it Momma Conte who is truly responsible for all matchmaking in the Conte family? It’s hard to tell, though I have to say that Momma Conte has a very strong persuasive mannerism about her that none of the characters in this book can refuse. Just like Julietta’s siblings, she and Sawyer did not stand a chance. Both are stubborn, high-strung , and business minded who decided relationships or love for that matter is not in their future. But of course, Ms. Probst had planned other things for them.

I love Julietta and Sawyer. Their commitment to success astounds me. They are both very strong characters who have dark sides to them. Though this book is not depressing or dark by any means, Ms. Probst was able to add just a dash of it creating an edge to Julietta and Sawyer’s characters. She also made them the hottest couple in this series. After reading chapter eight, I was cyber-ly asking for a cigarette. Ms. Probst had brought in a little BDSM to the mix. I thought the dominating , and submitting was appropriate to the strong and controlling personalities Julietta and Sawyer have. It was a great symbolism to the breakdown of walls they had built around them.

There were several scenes with Momma Conte that was emotional in means of what her purpose is to this family. Her part of the story was a perfect way to end everyone’s story. Though, this is the last of the series, there will be a spin off which is scheduled to release November of this year.  We will see the rest of the Conte family.  I do hope to see Wolfe, the teenage boy who lived with Sawyer. He really made an impression on me.  His character was of a nineteen year old , but by the end of this book; Ms. Probst had given him the transition from a teen on his way to man hood.

Overall, another great read by Ms. Jennifer Probst.

We at Under the Covers Book Blog had the pleasure of interviewing Julietta and Sawyer. They were gracious enough to answer a few questions but mostly what they thought of how their HEA came about. The Character interview is scheduled to post on August 2, 2013. Be sure to pass by to see what they had to say.

*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Thanks for the review Angela. I haven’t read this series yet but I definitely think I need to after reading this review.