I love returning again and again to this world. Just try not to fall so in love with these characters.  ~ Under the Covers

Fall in love with the Sullivans all over again! If you don’t know already, Bella Andre has a new contract with MIRA that will bring all her self-published Sullivans books into bookstores. These new print editions have extended scenes in them. You may also know that I LOVE THIS SERIES. Every single book is heartwarming and delicious, like a hot summer day. Which makes them wonderful summer reads!

For readers who haven’t tried this series yet, the Sullivans series follows a big, loving family whose career choices put them in the over-achieving category. There’s a winery owner, a movie star, a baseball player, a choreographer! There’s even a freaking firefighter! And I can tell you with my entire heart that I adore every single one of these characters. Andre possesses this unique talent of storytelling that makes you adore her characters long before their books come. And when she finally gets to their book, she doesn’t disappoint. She give her characters the most well-written, loving, all-consuming love story that will melt your hearts while burning things up at the same time. For a more in depth cover of this particular book, THE LOOK OF LOVE, you can read my review of the self-pubbed version here.

Now for readers who have read the book already, there is about 40-50 extra pages of new scenes. A lot of it is in the beginning where Andre takes her time introducing every one of the Sullivans. I feel like this really rounds out the series as a whole in this book. The familial aspect has always been a focal point in this series, but with the new addition of words, you get that in a much more potent and stronger way. It gives new readers a sense of each of their personalities, introducing them in a way that piques their curiosity.

I love that there is more to this series than just the romantic love between hero and heroine. Andre also explores sibling relationships as well as the relationships between Mary Sullivan, the mother and her children. Furthermore, the conflicts that Andre puts in her books are believable and well-done. As consistently as Andre writes, it’s really no wonder why she has become one of my top favorite Contemporary Romance authors. She gets it right all the time.

So is it worth checking out for readers who have read the books already? Yes! I love returning again and again to this world. Just try not to fall so in love with these characters.


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  1. Thanks for the review – I just got a print copy of this in my Harlie box and can’t wait to read it:)