“My favorite scenes were when Mason and Diego got their flirt on, Ripper wrote these moments so well!”

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After being stood up at the altar by his best friend, Mason has been on a mission to find the life he’s always wanted; married with kids and a fulfilling job that gives him a sense of success and being desired long term by ONE person.

When a friend sets him up on a date with her husband, he realizes love may not just go the way he’s always imagined. Can he be open to a love that isn’t what he’s used to, and instead get swept up in the intrigue and charm that is Diego? Or is he safer staying in a boring relationship with Tim, who checks all the boxes but whom he still hasn’t even introduced to his friends?

Before picking this one up, I hadn’t realized The Life Revamp was the third book in the series but thankfully, this one was great as a stand-alone title as well. I was drawn to this m/m title with the adorable cover, and am really glad I picked it up to read. I am always happy to be an ally for everyone on the rainbow, I make it a point each month to continue to read different voices than my own and this book did such a great way of developing characters with different sexualities, focusing on a polyamorous relationship.

My favorite scenes were when Mason and Diego got their flirt on, Ripper wrote these moments so well! Even as they found themselves questioning how their relationship could work together, the emotions manage to convey hope and tenderness that felt so real and intimate.

What starts as a kind of uncomfortable dip into dating a married man, soon turns into an interesting, vibrant relationship as the three people involved find ways to make each other better as people and lovers. I love how they each were able to express what they wanted and expected from a relationship and how it was explored in the book from different points of view. Even as he doubts the situation, I loved how the friendship and love Claris has for both men are shown making it obvious there is consent, trust, and a desire for joy for all of them involved. No matter who you love, that message is important, and I found it to be the best takeaway from this particular title.

Written in a first-person narrative, as the story progressed I was impressed by how well we saw what other characters were doing and thinking from Mason’s voice. As a reader who typically prefers dual POV stories, I was thrilled at how fluid this book felt from scene to scene with a variety of cast members. The friend groups for both Mason & Diego had me them rooting on, with the fashion show group and the nights out for drinks being great scenes to keep the momentum going.

The only thing I didn’t love about the book was the pacing, at times it felt a little slower for me than I would’ve liked. It would recover and recapture my attention with a great scene — the picnic, Mason going to his mom’s, particularly witty banter with Claris — and I overall enjoyed it, but was the main reason I would give this book 4 stars. For readers who love a variety of romance in their characters and grand gestures, I would recommend picking up The Life Revamp!

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