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“THE LIBRARIAN PRINCIPLE is pretty damn sexy! ” ~ Under the Covers

As a fan of Helena Hunting’s other series, I was very interested to hear that she was releasing a new book. In this case, the title can be taken literally. The story is about a new librarian at a school who has an affair with the school’s principle.

Hunting takes on a very different approach from her previous books. While it still has the same great writing, she definitely makes this one feel for formal, especially with Ryder’s characters. He is very much the sophisticated gentlemen who is well spoken and very put together. However when he sees the images that Liese has of him and her together on her laptop, he definitely gets flustered…and aroused.

THE LIBRARIAN PRINCIPLE is pretty damn sexy! I enjoyed reading Ryder lose more of his control with Liese although I will say that the book does work at a very fast pace. The sexual tension and the sex flies by so there isn’t as much depth as I would have liked to have seen. The emotions explored are purely lusted related, but I did enjoy Liese and Ryder’s interaction.

Liese also has the attention of a colleague named Blake. He’s a drama teacher, but there’s also an ex boyfriend who comes into the picture as well. To me, there wasn’t much of a resolution in these aspects of the story. I think they were just present to get a rise out of Ryder’s character. I don’t mind that, but I wished there was something there to really close out the book more firmly. Fans of Sylvia Day will enjoy this novel.

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