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The Liar’s Knot is the sequel to book 1 of the Rook & Rose series, The Mask of Mirrors. Written by Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms under the pen name M.A. Carrick. I am a huge fan of this underrated fantasy series filled with magic, crafty con artists, swashbuckling vigilantes, scheming nobles, and positive LBGQT representation. When Liar’s Knot was announced, I was thrilled to dive back in, but with sequels also comes concern the next installment won’t hold up. However, I was not disappointed, and Liar’s Knot has solidified my love for the Rook & Rose series.

Liar’s Knot follows the three main characters Ren, a cunning con artist whose different personas and lies become harder to juggle as she discovers how tangled the web of corruption runs through her city, all the while learning to trust and rely more on her found family. Grey is also struggling with too many masks as he fights for the forgotten people of Nadezra, but the toll it takes on him maybe too much. Then there is Derossi Vargo, a power-hungry man who came from nothing to nobility and does what he has to do to keep what he’s worked so hard to build. While we get more glimpses into the characters’ lives and pasts, Vargos is more of the focus. The story takes on multiple POVs, not just the main three but many side characters as well.

The only downside I’ve found with both books is the information dumps, which, understandably, are necessary to navigate the intertwined plot threads, the rules of the numinat and pattern (the magical tools of the world), and complex politics. However, I still found myself zoning out during some of these passages and waiting for the story to pick back up to a steadier flow. Reviewing the glossary and map included does go a long way in helping to understand these parts. When the plot picks up, and the pieces come together, your patience is awarded handsomely. Those not used to hefty fantasies with lots of world-building may find this intimidating, but this story should not be missed out on.

The Liar’s Knot left me feeling the way of Mask of Mirrors did, in that I am now eagerly awaiting the next book in this enchanting and engaging world. Fans of the first book will not be disappointed! I hope that more people read and fall in love with these books as much as I have. So if you consider yourself a fantasy fan, pick this series up!

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