“There’s an ease in the author’s writing style that sucks you in.”

~ Under the Covers

I’ll admit. I picked up this book because of the beautiful cover. But as soon as I started reading it I was hooked. There’s an ease in the author’s writing style that sucks you in. Full of imagination and vivid characters. 

This is a multi-generational drama set in Ecuador and USA. The Montoya family comes to the deathbed of Orquidea, the grandmother of the family, to collect their inheritance. From here the story goes back and forth in time as we see their current day situation surrounding that event, and alternating with Orquidea’s past.

I’m going to be honest here, my absolute favorite character was Orquidea. I was always looking forward to reading the chapters that would give us more glimpses into her amazing life. Her joining the circus, and facing some harsh situations but overcoming. I just liked her! The current day events felt a bit muddled and I didn’t connect as strongly with the characters.

The pace of the story was a bit slow and inconsistent for me. At times I was really invested in everything that was going on. And other times I would lose that. The magical realism element of this story was obviously my favorite part and I think that was also the missing part. It wasn’t as consistent a thread throughout the story as I would’ve liked. And overall in the end, the big bad was a bit of a disappointment.

This is the perfect story if you’re looking for something unique and compelling with a touch of Cinderella.

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