Bianca D’Arc delivers yet another stellar story in the Dragon Knights series. But this time, it’s a little different. Instead of the Dragon Knights finding their one true love, the elite black dragon is now finding his happily ever after. You know what that means? There’s no permanent threesome. However, this fact doesn’t make the book feel lacking. In fact, I loved it even more!

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. D’Arc continues to create an elaborate world for her dragons and their caretakers. The writing has a fairy tale feel to it that I think adds to the whole ambiance  The story starts off with Lana as a slave for her enemy and an abandoned dragon egg. Lana discovers that she has the unique ability to speak to the little dragon inside the egg when she touches it. As it grows, she and the dragon can communicate without touch. When the dragon finally hatches from the egg, Lana fears that she will be used as food, but instead the dragon has forged a bond with her that is now unbreakable.

As they escape their enemies, Lana soon finds out that her dragon must be an Ice Dragon, a rare breed amongst dragonkind. They hide but one day, the ice dragon named Lor stumbles upon a much smaller, black dragon who has been badly injured. Lor helps this black dragon and brings him to their home where Lana can heal him. But they are oblivious to the black dragon’s true identity.

This book brought forth a lot of sweet emotions. While I adored Lana and Roland, I think for me Lor was my favorite character. He was so sweet and kind and I loved the bond that he and Lana shared. It’s nice to see a different type of love be explored.

That is not to say that Roland is outshined. I really enjoyed him as well. D’Arc weaves great characters into this intricate world and with all the politics on the side, I really believe that readers who enjoy dragons and erotica romance will find the perfect fit with the Dragon Knights series.

Though this book is book 3 in the series, it helps that you read the books in order to understand the connections between characters. It will only enhance the reading experience and make for a bigger, better thrill ride!


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