“Chapman’s romances tend to veer to the ‘nice’ section of the romance scale rather than the more heated and passionate side.” ~ Under the Covers

The sixth book in the Spellbound Falls series is about the new police chief Niall Mackeage and his neighbour the goodhearted but fiery Birch, who passionately runs the newly opened women’s shelter. But, not without a little bit of trouble coming their way, between a new god emerging and wrecking havoc and Birch’s past catching up with her, and trying to drive her off the road, Niall has his work cut out for him to not only keep the town running smoothly, but also to win Birch’s heart.

Time travelling Lairds you say? Yes indeed, we are back with Janet Chapman and the magical world that she has created in modern day Maine. Which, if it’s as overrun with as many 12th century Highlanders, sexy magic users and gorgeous Atlantians as she says, then I am definitely going for a very long visit.

Of course, if I went, what I would expect is a very sweet romance, just like Niall and Birch and the previous couples in the series, Chapman’s romances tend to veer to the ‘nice’ section of the romance scale rather than the more heated and passionate side, despite the couples many many spats. But I always know with Chapman that I can find a romance that encompasses friendship and connection rather than lots of heat and overblown chemistry. Admittedly it makes the romance a little less exciting, but I still enjoyed it.

What I really liked about this book and what did add extra excitement was the continuation of the story line regarding the modern day god that has just been created. I can’t wait to see what will happen and if the modern will clash with the ancient or if they can come to an understanding. Either way it feels like it will be an interesting journey, which I can’t wait to read more about.

This was a good book in the series, if you already follow Spellbound Falls you will enjoy it, if not I recommend you start from the beginning, they don’t work very well as standalones, it is the perfect series if you want something full of sweet romances with some magic poured in, not to mention a flood of sexy Scotsman.

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  1. I only read the first book in this series bc I thought it was only ok. However, I have to agree with you on the visit!

  2. I haven’t read this series but the mention of Highlander and time travel have me intrigued, this may be a series I check out from the library.