“THE HEART PRINCIPLE is a must read. One of the best I’ve read this year!”

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Anna is a violinist currently having performance paralysis after a video went viral and she feels she can’t replicate the success. Her longtime boyfriend has also decided to open their relationship so they can see other people. A lot going on for Anna, she decides to take him up on that and have a string of one night stands with men that she wouldn’t normally go for. But she seems to get stuck on one after, for one reason or another, they don’t actually have sex.

Those are just some of the things Anna is dealing with. Her story in this book is definitely a deep journey. From her relationship with her ex and her reclaiming her sexuality, to family and the core of her identity. There’s something magical that happens when Helen Hoang sits down to write her novels. There’s a vulnerability in her characters that I can’t help but be drawn to. And Anna certainly was that character for me. I can see why Quan was smitten.

And then Quan. I loved him in every way. He’s the perfect book boyfriend. I loved how tender he was with Anna. How loyal he was to Michael. How vulnerable he was about his past and his insecurities from it. He’s such a special character and everything Anna needed. He was the missing piece in her emotional healing, and the other way around. They were just so perfect together. 

I picked up this book fully expecting one thing because of the reviews I had read. And then, turns out I felt it delivered something different. So my perspective on this one, as opposed to others calling this almost a women’s fiction novel, is that is as much a romance as The Bride Test was. Yes, it deals with some heavy topics (much like the previous book did in my opinion) and focuses on our heroine’s life journey. But I think it balances well how that journey also includes a romance and it plays a pretty central part to the story. And rest assured, the sex is also pretty hot. 

THE HEART PRINCIPLE is a must read. One of the best I’ve read this year! Helen Hoang does it every time and I can’t wait for the next one.


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  1. I usually love Helen Hoang, but this book just wasn’t for me 🙁 It was sadder than her other books, that’s for sure. But it was still a great romance! Your review sums up all the things I DID like about this book!

    Ava 📖 The Taurus Reads