ARC Review: The Good Chase by Hanna Martine

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ARC Review: The Good Chase by Hanna Martine
The Good Chase
Book Info

Released: December 2nd 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Highland Games #2
Pages: 304


“Hanna Martine wrote a very sweet story. I love the way she brought highland games and infused with modern themes. ” ~ Under the Covers

It was a Good long Chase for Bryne and Shea. Being adults pursuing a higher level in their careers, they never thought of having relationship at this point of their lives. As luck would have it, their paths keep crossing, giving them a chance at love.

Bryne is a private banker professionally and a rugby player for fun though he’s good enough to be in that level. Bryne was not what I expected at all. He is more serious then I thought. He is very focused. Well, he has reasons to be. A baggage he just can’t put away and the very thing that holds him back from commiting…at least until Shea walks into his life.

Just like Bryne, Shea has her own baggage that prevents her from any commitments except with her career. But can anyone really deny a man like Bryne?! It was only a matter of time.

Shea, as a whiskey specialist intrigued me. I didn’t know this world even existed nor the art it came along with. I was very impressed with her career, enough to do some tasting myself. Bryne was certainly engrossed by everything she did. He took his time pursuing her but once he did, it was a very romantic courtship.

Though this is not my fave, Hanna Martine wrote a very sweet story. I love the way she brought highland games and infused with modern themes. And there was this tent scene that was just sin.

I just realized that Hanna Martine had recently published a novella for this series. At this point, I still recommend this book as stand alone but if you ask me which I would start with it’s always at book one.

*ARC provided by publisher

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About Hanna Martine

I have loved stories--particularly the romantic kind--since I was very young. I spent a decade working in an office, but I've since dedicated myself to writing. I've traveled to many wonderful places around the world, including the haunted Scottish castle in which I got married. Though I live outside Chicago with my family, my heart will always belong to Australia.

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