A gladiator M/M romance. Yeah, you knew I’d be picking this one up immediately.Caelius is a Roman politician who has acquired a group of gladiators. But there is only one of them who has caught his attention. Meanwhile, Gaidres’s heart wil filled with hate. He plans to kill his new Dominus to end the last tie of enslavement. However, when he is called upon his Dominus’s chambers, what he finds isn’t what he is expecting…

Instead of being taken by his master, Caelius wants to be taken by Gaidres.

The Gladiator’s Master is a hot book. Truth be told, it was the sex that I was most interested in. But it was the story that made me keep reading. I loved the amount of details the authors puts into this book. it was very well written. However, I did think the middle lost some of its footing. For me, the best part was the beginning.

This book also has a lot of heart. Gaidres is filled with angst, but it is love that transforms him.

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