This first installment of the Bluebonnet series has kicked off with a sweet, romantic and hot start. If you like small town settings with characters that are easy to fall in love with, this is the book for you.Miranda Hill is Bluebonnet’s Librarian with her nickname “Boobs of Bluebonnet”. She was given this name in high school as half-naked pictures of her had surfaced on the internet for the whole town to see. As small towns go and cyber bullying, it had affected her adult life as well. Always looked at and laughed at, her life was ruined. Nine years later, she will get the opportunity for payback. But what I always say, payback is a bitch but plotting a revenge can only bite you right back in the ass.

Pro-hockey player Dane Croft has gone back to town after a big blow out in the NHL. Rumors of his playboy moments had gone bad and left him to start a new business in his old town. Dane opened up a school to survive in the wild with his best friends. Because of his recent past, Dane is determine to prove himself worthy of a good partner. But will he survive and stay professional if his long lost love is one of his clients?

I love a story where no matter the situation; the H/h just cannot deny their feelings or cannot keep their hands off each other, this book is just that. And the story of high school attraction/love existing nine years later is totally romantic. The writing flowed and the plot kept me interested the whole time, not to mention the super steamy sex scenes in the forest. The ending had a twist that made me tear up and left me feeling happy. Jessica Clare will be an automatic follow for me without a doubt and I highly recommend this read.

*ARC provided by publisher


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this one, it sounds really fun! I’m a librarian, so I love reading a sexy story where my fellow librarian lets her hair down , lol

  2. Some tears in a story is good. I also like when the hero and heroine can’t help falling for each other. It’s great to see how they will deal. I like that there’s a hockey player in the story 🙂

  3. Second-chance love story huh? I like this kind of theme. Great review, Ang! 🙂

    NB : And some tear jerker scene? Now that a must story for me