THE ETERNITY CURE is fast-paced and cutting. Kagawa doesn’t take sympathy on her readers. ~ Under the Covers

THE ETERNITY CURE is book two in the Blood of Eden series and it is much more darker and desolate than the first book. It hits hard and there are plenty of twists and surprises in store for our dear readers. Get ready for a ride!

One of the immediate things that popped into my mind while this book was that it had an Urban Fantasy feel to it, especially in terms to Allison’s character. Things have changed for her drastically since the beginning of the first book. She is a vampire and carrying her katana, she very much as the feel of a UF heroine – strong, smart and lethal. In THE ETERNITY CURE, Allison must rescue her creator, Kanin from a crazy vampire named Sarren.

Fast-paced and cutting, Kagawa doesn’t take sympathy on her readers. She takes them on a ride that they will never forget. With writing that creates lush imagery and aptly sets the tone of the book, readers will definitely have an emotional connection to this book if they haven’t already with the first in the series.

Death and decay is a thread that pulls this series forward and the Red Lung virus is the latest threat that Allison must face. One of the things I love (and sometimes hate because it makes me cringe) is the detailed descriptions that Kagawa does. She spares nothing and the result is a very vivid, and sometimes crushing imagery for her readers.

I definitely liked this book more than the first. I’ve heard others say that this is the best vampire series out there right now in YA. I think I would have to agree. What Kagawa does with this series is wholly her own and she dares you not to have a reaction to the events of her book. Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent would enjoy.

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