“This whole book was just beautifully written.”

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Violet Crenshaw is determined to be the master of her own fate. She wants to marry for love, publish her writing, and live happily ever after. Christian, the Lord Leigh, also affectionately referred to as Lord Lucifer (by Violet, of course) has wanted Miss Crenshaw since the moment he first laid eyes on her. When Violet’s family promises her hand in marriage to Lord Ware, a man both Violet and Christian despise, they each begin plotting. Violet plots her escape from London, and Christian plots to make Violet his own wife.

When their paths cross in the midst of executing their plans, both suddenly realize that maybe all the way they envisioned their futures could be different, and better, than both could have imagined.

I loved this one way more than I loved August and Rothschild’s love story. This whole book was just beautifully written. There were some spicy scenes, to be sure, but the sweet moments are what really made this enjoyable for me. (I know, who am I, preferring the soft, quiet moments over the smut?) Violet was strong, capable, and independent. All she wanted for her life was the ability to make her own choices. Christian had a reputation as a rogue, a womanizer, but his relationship with Violet allowed him to show his true kindhearted nature to the world.

There was also an extra POV thrown in here for a few chapters, and I’m excited to read their story next. If you love historical romance, such as A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore, you’ll love this!

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