“Ms. Castle did a fabulous job introducing this new world of fallen angels. The world building is detailed and well thought out.” ~Under the Covers Book Blog

I am so excited about this new series of Hearts of the Fallen by Ms. Castle. I knew she was working on something new, but I had no idea it would come out so soon. So, I was excited to know that this has been released. I love Ms. Castle’s Dark Dynasties series I had no doubt I would love this book as well.

Sohia was in search of her friend Sara for a while now, and when she finds her at an upscale club, she learns Sara has been involved with men that are not of this world. Now, she finds herself in a world of trouble with some rogue vampires and in the mercy of a fallen angel for protection. Not only that she has to accept this new world, she finds herself attracted to her protector.

After years of being a fallen, Phenex finds solace only when he’s on stage playing his music. He was the “Angel of Song” after all, but now that he is the “Demon of Music”, nothing really interests him. But when he bumps in to Sophia, literally, his existence will change unexpectedly. He will want more, feel more and just want to love.

The Demon’s song is not as dark as the Dark Dynasties series, but it has a similar feel to it. It’s a paranormal world based on the Fallen Angels. They co exists with Vampires and other shifters in secret from the human world. Ms. Castle did a fabulous job introducing this new world of fallen angels. The world building is detailed and well thought out. The character build up was great as well, though I would’ve liked more background on both Phenex and Sophia. She also gives a good amount of humor, banter, action and romance to this story. I love the fact that this world is closely linked to vampires and shifters which makes the world more diverse and very intriguing.

I also didn’t know that this was connected to Renegade Angel and Vivi and the Vampire novels. This is a new series, so there’s no need to read them at all. I DO know that Ms. Castle plans to write a book for each of the fallen angels. The Demon’s Desire, which is the second installment of this series, is set to release sometime in the summer. That novel will about Meresin and Dru’s Story.

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