“Demon’s Desire is fast paced, action packed and a good romantic read. If you like hot fallen angels, this series is for you.” ~ Under the Covers

This 2nd installment of Hearts of the Fallen series was a quick and satisfying read. Meresin the ever brooding fallen angel has his story, and I knew it was going to be sweet. If you read the first installment, you know that Meresin is short-tempered and often getting in trouble. His past of countless rejections and torture made him bitter and angry. He is a hard ass among the

group of fallen angels living in Terra Noctem. But as hard ass as he is, there is most definitely a sweet side to him that no one knows exists. He is good with keep the façade of hiding it. Unfortunately, the trouble he is causing is not doing the hidden vampire community any favors. In fact, it’s annoying the Vampire King who is just letting these fallen live among his people. The only person who can deal with him is Dru, Justin’s sister. But this last incident, he not only gets himself in trouble but drags Dru along with him.

I love Dru and Meresin’s love story. They fit just right. Dru being thousands of years old, she didn’t need anything more than just exist in peace, but she never cowers and most definitely not scared of Meresin. I found Dru to be serious and down to the point. I think these are the very traits that can both calm and push Meresin’s buttons and she knows it. I love it when a heroine has that power over her hero.  But it was Meresin that truly got my attention. I just love a brooding, troublemaker, and tortured heroes. He is unapproachable, menacing, but the more you get to know him, you’ll find out how sweet he really is. All these years he kept his distance thinking he can never be enough for Dru.  But when he decides to show her how he felt, it was very sweet.  I was in awe reading of the sacrifices he will make for the ones he love. It made my heart melt into a pile of goop. As corny as that sounds, Meresin is really sweet and falling for him is just inevitable.

Overall, Demon’s Desire is fast paced, action packed and a good romantic read. If you like hot fallen angels, this series is for you.

*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

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