ARC Review: The Cursed by Alyssa Day

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ARC Review: The Cursed by Alyssa Day
The Cursed
Book Info

Released: May 7, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: League of the Black Swan #1
Pages: 282


Prepared to be entertained, readers! Alyssa Day has a hot one on her hands! THE CURSED is a phenomenal start to what promises to be a stellar series! ~ Under the Covers

In a brand new series that filled to the brim with unique and larger-than-life characters, Alyssa Day takes a lighter approach in regards to the personalities of her new leads and it is sure to make readers fall instantly in love with them.

The very first line of this book aptly sets the tone for the whole book. Allow me to share it with you:

“Getting stabbed is hell on the dry-cleaning bill.”

That is said by the hero, Luke Oliver aka Lucian Olivieri aka The Dark Wizard of Bordertown. Here’s what you need to know about Luke… He is Bordertown’s private investigator and he has had dealings in the past with our heroine, Rio Jones (I adore her!). However, Luke was part of the League of the Black Swan and when he receives a picture of Rio one day, he knows that trouble is coming his way.

Rio is also an interesting character. Not one to be pushed around, it’s so entertaining to see how circumstances bring Rio and Luke together. Luke has some dominant and possessive tendencies and with Rio as a strong and independent woman, maintaining the balance will be just one of the obstacles they have to overcome together.

When Rio witnesses a kidnapping of a young halfing girl, she asks Luke to her help. Later, the plot all comes together and you’re really able to see Day’s skill as a writer. However, I do wish there was a little more in terms of the plot since a lot of it is spent on the romance and the hilarious antics between the characters.

That being said, I also really, really loved the sarcastic quips and the hilarious banter that this book has. So I guess in a way, that makes up for it. For the entire book, I was smiling from ear-to-ear and didn’t really want it to end. Prepared to be entertained, readers! Alyssa Day has a hot one on her hands! THE CURSED is a phenomenal start to what promises to be a stellar series!

Another great thing about this book is all the different supernatural creatures. You have grendals, fae, a freaking wizard and other interesting things. I am also very interested in Alice. Her appearances never failed to bring more laughter into the book.

I am so excited for this series and am looking forward to where Day will take this series. With unique characters with rapier wit, THE CURSED is sure to make readers fall in love.

*ARC provided by publisher

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About alyssa day

Alyssa Day is the pen name (and dark and tortured alter ego) of RITA award-winning author Alesia Holliday. She is a multiple finalist in the prestigious RITA awards for excellence in romance fiction and has won several awards for her novels.

ATLANTIS RISING was the first of Alyssa's Warriors of Poseidon novels for Berkley Publishing, and was featured on the cover of the March, 2007, issue of Romantic Times BOOKClub magazine! Additionally, it rocked the bestseller lists, hitting the Waldenbooks, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Bookscan, and the prestigious USA Today bestseller lists! ATLANTIS AWAKENING came along several months together and did the same thing - only better!! And then her anthology SHIFTER, with authors Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, and Virginia Kantra, spent three weeks on the prestigious New York Times bestseller list!

Her publisher was thrilled, her family was thrilled (they could eat!), her dogs were thrilled (bacon!!). Now she's happily writing her fingers off, deep in the world of Atlantis, the Warriors of Poseidon, and a new exciting group of allies (??), the Fae.

Alyssa has long been an avid fan of all things Atlantis, supernatural, and in any way pertaining to lost civilizations. When she was six, she told her mother that she would discover Atlantis one day—and now she has!

In 2006, Alyssa (writing as Alesia) was awarded the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award. The RITA is the highest award of excellence in the genre of romance fiction. If we can get this new website on track, you'll see a picture on your right of Alyssa with her agent and editor the night she won the RITA® award.

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