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“Tara Sue Me writes my type of Dominant.” ~ Under the Covers

The Collar is the fifth book in Tara Sue Me’s Submissive series, which has followed the lives of the D/s couple Nathanial and Abigail.  It’s been one of my favorites, and I never seem to tire of the particular dynamic those two have going.  To my surprise, this installment doesn’t focus on Nate and Abby, but Dena and Jeff, both members of Nate and Abby’s BDSM play group while they’re in Delaware.  I had been under the impression that the author’s Partners in Play series was the spinoff that would focus on other couples, so I had to admit I was a little confused at the direction change, but Tara Sue Me hasn’t written a book I didn’t like, and this was no exception.  Dena and Jeff have a complicated history as former Dominant and submissive.  As a Harvard Law educated prosecutor and daughter of a Senator, Dena is the last woman you’d expect at first glance to kneel down for anyone.  Jeff has the air of a natural Dominant, but as a high school dropout who earned his GED and went from cop to security firm owner, he seems the most unlikely match for Dena.  Nevertheless, they had a beautifully matched D/s relationship, living together for a number of years, until tragedy struck and they drifted apart.  Three years later, neither has found their way without the other.  Some humorous manipulation on the part of their friends brings them in each other’s sights again, and neither can deny the pull that still exists between them.  When Dena receives some threatening phone calls, Jeff feels he has no choice but to become her protector.  The question is whether they can find their way back to each other again and reclaim what they once lost.

Tara Sue Me writes my type of Dominant.  Whether refined and rolling in money like Nathanial, or working class and rough like Jeff, they have qualities that make me want to be in their playrooms.  Not to say that they’re cookie cutter at all.  Jeff is reserved and unyielding in his demands, but he’s balanced with a loving and caring side that Dena brings out so easily.  Dena is Type A and in control everywhere but in the bedroom, making her my favorite type of sub to read about as well.  This is one of the hottest BDSM focused books I’ve read in a while.  Scene after scene work beautifully because of the amazing chemistry these two have.  I would classify the BDSM as moderate on a scale of basic to extreme.  Tara Sue Me has never shied away from punishment that brings pain, but there’s nothing edgy that might turn the casual reader away.  There’s great bondage, plenty of flogging, and risky public play, but always just Dena and Jeff (NO sharing going on in Jeff’s world). The perspective alternates between Dena and Jeff’s past and through their breakup, to the present, as they try to reconnect.  I didn’t find this jarring at all and it enhanced my understanding of the characters so much more.  One of my favorite scenes in the whole book was Dena’s confrontation with her father.  Submissives are NOT doormats and she illustrates this perfectly.  Very satisfying.  While I didn’t find this to be a challenging read, I like that I didn’t have to go through hell with these two to get an HEA.  The sex is hot, the emotion moving, and the characters engaging.  It’s a quick read that just felt really good.


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  1. I’ve been tempted to try this series. Since this one is about another couple could I easily pick it up without reading the earlier books?