Jessica Clare had out done herself with this second installment of the Bluebonnet Series. It had exceeded all my expectations and I can say that it is even better than the first. I cannot tell you how much I loved this book.Because I loved this book, I feel like I will ramble on with my review so I wanted to keep it to the minimum and answer the questions I usually ask my friends about a book, here goes.

Tell me about the plot:

Well, this installment is about Beth Ann and Colt. Colt Waggoner ex-marine until he was injured, now co-owner of the Survival School with Dane(Hero from The Girl’s Guide to Man Hunting). And Beth Ann is a born socialite, recently broken up with her high school sweetheart and attempting to stand on her two feet for the first time. These two were stuck in the local forest due to weather conditions. They spent time together and well, a relationship started from there. During their love escapades, they got to know each other and the book explored more of both their backgrounds. Let me tell you, finding out more about Colt was a drool educing adventure.

Was it hot?

Scorching hot!!! They started out with an extremely hot-bothering sexual tension and when they got together it was a full on explosion of mind-boggling banging, I mean love making. Plus any hero that would pick Batman over Superman for the reason that Batman is a millionaire who can get more “p*ssy” just tells you how hot he can be. NOTE: Watch for Chapter 5 and 10.

Was the Hero an Alpha?

This question goes hand in hand with the first. Yes. Colt is an amazing ALPHA male. And when I say alpha, I mean that in a psychological, physical and in his sexual appetite. Arrrg, I am dying to mention a certain scene that had me squirming as I read it. But I will definitely ruin the moment if I say it. However, I will tell you that in this scene, Colt shows how possessive he can be. Did I mention Colt is super thick and tatted?

Was the Heroine a dits?

Not in the least. Beth Ann came from a wealthy family; she is pretty, smart and courageous to start a new life of her own. Her downfall was her ex-fiancée who controlled her every move. Because of his mistreatment, she decided to end it and finally stand on her own. She never played the pity-card, in fact, she hated it when people treated her as if she is helpless.

Was it romantic?

Absolutely! The whole world seemed to be against their union including their friends who seem to think what they have is nothing but a fling. But love conquers all. Though their trials was hard, they stuck with each other. It was incredible to read about their love story.

Was it funny?

Yes. It was. The banter between the friends was hilarious and I found myself LOL several times. The main characters, Beth Ann and Colt are comical in their comments as well as the side characters.

Secondary Stories:

I love the recap of Dane and. We get a good amount of them in this book as well as Brenna and Grant, which I think, will be the next H/h of the next book. I can see the big set up for them and I can predict that it will be just as hot as this one.

Do I recommend it?

Plain and simple…. I absofuckinlutely recommend it.

*ARC provided by publisher

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