“If you’re ready to fall for a family in historical romance, then you have to meet the Moore’s.”

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If you read THE WIDOW OF ROSE HOUSE, you won’t want to miss this one. And that was one of my favorite gothic historical romances that year, so as you can imagine I was anticipating this release. This is a second chance romance between Paris prima ballerina, Amelie St. James, and Dr. Benedict Moore. They met and spent a Summer together 12 years before when Amelie helped Benedict overcome the horrors of the American Civil War. Now she’s a famous star and haunted by ghosts. Benedict has come back to Paris and is still as captivated by her as he was back then. Plus, he has some experience dealing with ghosts.

THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN PARIS is definitely more of a personal journey story than a romance. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a romance and Diana Biller still excels at writing sweet heroes and swoon worthy romances. But this story is definitely more subdued. The romance is a slow burn and with less steam than the previous book. That being said, I loved seeing these two characters reconnect and work through a lot of their past and present. 

Both Benedict and Amelie have traumatic pasts. And in Amelie’s case, even though her actions and feelings made complete sense to me, at times I felt a bit frustrated. But in the end I was rooting for them both because they’re admirable and lovable characters. With so much strength and heart.

The ghosts are more of a subplot for this installment in the series but I thought it added an interesting layer to this story. 

If you’re ready to fall for a family in historical romance, then you have to meet the Moore’s. 

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