“THE BOURBON KINGS is over the top drama with intrigue and scandalous romance thrown in for good measure.” ~ Under the Covers

If you follow Under the Covers you know we are the biggest J.R. Ward fans in existence.  When we saw she was going back to contemporary romance, some of us (Francesca especially) were very excited because we’ve enjoyed her Jessica Bird books.  Some (like Suzanne) not so much because those same books were a bit boring.  Regardless, we dove in right away.

Because our views were a bit different, we decided to bring you our first ever team video review.  Of course, we were able to do that since Suzanne was in NY this past week!  So you get to see Francesca and Suzanne bicker like an old married couple about THE BOURBON KINGS.

Here’s some highlights:

THE BOURBON KINGS is not the book that will leave you completely satisfied by the end.  You have to commit to read the whole series to get all the answers.  There is, however, an HEA.

J.R. Ward’s writing style shines through in THE BOURBON KINGS.  She transports you to a world of intrigue, drama, money and deceit in a way that is unique to her and always captures the attention of the reader.

The main romance may be a little weak but you get enough from the overall story to keep you interested and turning the pages.

If you like soap operas then this is the book for you.  THE BOURBON KINGS is over the top drama with intrigue and scandalous romance thrown in for good measure.

Are you ready to see what we thought?  Get the details straight from us!



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  1. I absolutely LOVED your first video review and I LOVE Suzanne’s accent! I thought you ladies touched on several points that I made in my own review. It was a difficult review to write but I think I emphasized the fact that this is NOT like the Black Dagger Brotherhood books so I hope people will get that message. It is J.R. Ward though and while she is a brilliant writer, I don’t like all the soap opera/family drama that went on and was a little sad that there wasn’t more romance with Lizzie and Lane. Great job ladies!