I shouldn’t have been doubtful because Ms. Heaton has yet to disappoint me.” ~ Under the Covers

I have been excited for Vail’s book since this series had started. When I inquired about him, I was promised, no, I was warned that Vail is a tortured hero and that it will be a dark story. Frankly, I was doubtful that I’d like him since he had brought on so much destruction. I will admit that I was wrong and I admit that I loved Vail and his story more than I expected. I suppose, I shouldn’t have been doubtful because Ms. Heaton has yet to disappoint me.

Sure enough, Vail’s story is very dark. Ms. Heaton did him justice by telling her readers what he has gone through and gave him a chance at a happy-ever-after. By the end of this book, I understood his past and why he is so f*cked in the head. Who wouldn’t be? Vail’s past had been nothing but grief. He’s was captured, slaved, beaten, and raped by a powerful witch. Now that she is dead, Vail is captured again by his brother’s enemy. But rest assured, being captured this time around is the best thing that ever happened to him. Well, meeting Rosalind, his Eternal Mate is the best thing that will ever happen to him. But it is during this captivity that he meets her for the first time.

It was in the prophecy that Rosalind will die by the hands of the Mad Elf Prince. She too was captured by the King of Demons in the Fifth Realm. Being a witch and healer, she was forced to heal others but also treated in the same manner as Vail. Yes, she was beaten and forced to do the King’s bidding; that includes healing the man who is said to kill her.  But Rosalind is kind and she will always do the right thing.

My heart broke for Vail and Rosalind. They went through hell. Nothing in their lives ever came easy and they would have to fight hard to get finally what they want. I have to say that there were scenes that were hard from me to read. I cringed at the thought of their beatings, my stomach lurched at the thought of what Vail had to do for Kordula and the thought of what he lost was truly heart-breaking. Rosalind was a good pair for him. She understood his mental anguish and scars and knew exactly how to take care of him.  Heaton did an amazing job with their story. There’s nothing like a good love story where both hero and heroine finally gets a well-deserved ending.

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Book 3

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  1. I’ve only read one felicity heaton book but I don’t remember thinking it was that good….maybe I’ll give her another try.