Tempt Me is Gabriel’s story. I’ll admit, he can be such a jerk sometimes. In fact, I didn’t like him at first. He was standoff-ish, clearly distressed and tortured about something, but I didn’t know why. Alexander crafts an intriguing hero in Gabriel. There’s a big mystery surrounding him and I was dying to know what it was. In the end, I found that I loved his dark possessiveness. Loved his barely contained demeanour and loved him during the sex scenes.

Angelique was a little harder for me to like. I didn’t hate her, but just thought that she was an okay heroine. It wasn’t until the end of the book that I thought, hey this chick is cool. I loved the fact that she wasn’t resistant to Gabriel’s demands. Whatever he wanted, she gave. And it takes a strong person to give so willingly. I had to admire that in Angelique.

And there’s also Emmanuel, Gabe’s “friend” who always seems to be there in the most heated of times. I loved him and thought his restraint was endearing. Untouched and unable to act, he was an interesting character to put into the mix with Angelique and Gabriel. I very much enjoyed his presence in the book.
Familiar faces return and I loved reading about BD once again. He has some inspiring quotes in this one which only makes me love him more!

If you liked Possess Me, then you’ll love Tempt Me. With Alexander’s ability to write sinfully decadent scenes, I devoured this book a little too quickly.

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  1. This sounds very hot. I am happy you worked up to the main characters especially the heroine. This is why I always finish a book because you just never know. I have come across that too where the characters are so-so. I can’t wait for this, I am definitely going to be checking out Alexander’s work. Thanks hon 🙂