” I think this is a great story of coming clean and finally accepting who you truly are.”
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TART AND SWEET is the fourth installment in Amy Lane’s Candy Man series. Now I’m a huge fan of Amy Lane and have read plenty of her other books, but this is the first one that I’ve read in this seris so far. As you can tell by the title and cover, this one is a little bit more on the lighter side of things. However, I do feel like there’s still quite a lot of heart.

I feel like Robbie Chambers is in a tough spot. Formerly in the Army, he did something that shamed him and he’s basically been living a lie ever since. Despite the fact that he has a girlfriend that he cares about, he’s not being true to himself. When he encounters Cy McVeigh, he feels the need to come clean. There’s something about Cy that he enjoys. Maybe it’s his ability to dance while everyone is watching or the comfortable sense of self that he gives off, but whatever it is, it makes Robbie want to be with him.

While I liked Robbie, I also thought that he had many flaws in his character. He’s so afraid that it really prevents him from being true to himself. I felt bad for him and I couldn’t help but want to root for a guy like him. But at the same time, he can also be a little frustrating as well. You only want the best for him and when he pulls back out of fear, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I think this is a great story of coming clean and finally accepting who you truly are.




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