Welcome to our review of Tangle of Need, we have such fun doing our chat review Kiss of Snow last time that we decided to do it again! So read ahead at our brilliant and insightful look in to how hot Riaz, Vesic and Kaleb are Tangle of Need!

Suzanne: Hello Franilicious!
Fran: Ummm Suz I dont know about that nickname you gave me there, sounds a bit like anallicious dont know if I want to be called that you know…
Suzanne: If the shoe fits… Lmao!
Fran: lol! Now where’s Annie?!?!?!
Suz: Hahaha would be worse if it was Annie’s name. Analicious! Lol! Annie wiggle your sexy bottom here!
Annie: hahahah
Suzanne: Heyyy there Analicious!
Fran: See that got her to show up!
Suzanne: Anal always gets peoples attention!

Fran: Tangle of Need girls! Who was excited about this release?
Suzanne: MEEEEE
Annie: I am!
Fran: I was sooo ready for this book. Did you have an interest in Riaz after Kiss of Snow?
Annie: Yes, I wanted to know what would happen to him.
Fran: I thought he was sexy as hell and couldn’t wait to see more of his alpha goodness
Suzanne: Honestly….not really! I couldn’t remember who he was!!!
Fran: What??? Talk, dark and dangerous!
Suzanne: Lol I am the odd on out! He didnt do it for me….!
Annie: Uh oh *slaps Suz* How could you?!?
Fran: Well Riaz pushed all my buttons before and during this book
Suzanne: He was hot and stuff but he didnt get me going…
Fran: It’s okay you have Riley for that.
Suzanne: Lmao! Damn right! I was most excited when Riley was “on screen”
Annie: I wish there was more of him [Riaz} though because I liked his um, determination when he got down ‘n durtay
Fran: I have to say personally I wanted to see a lot more of Riaz and Adria.
Suzanne: I didnt! I thought the main story was far more interesting then Riaz and Adria
Fran: They were almost a secondary plot in this book when it should’ve been about them
Annie: I agree. A lot was going on and I think it displaced some of the attention
Suzanne: This book reminded me of Manny and Payne’s (Lover Unleashed) book, the h/H were almost incidental. The story would have flowed just as well without them, they didn’t add anything to the plot. They would have been a better novella.
Annie: Yes, Suz! So right! I totally agree

Fran: I loved the true mate stuff and how he didn’t let that pull take him away from Adria
Suzanne: Yeah that was sweet.
Annie: I thought Singh did a good job of letting go of Riaz’s true mate and making him fall in love with Adria.
Fran: And he was leaving all the little presents for her *awwww*
Suzanne: It was all very sweet, but I got slightly bored when they kept going on about there poor battered, shredded and holey hearts, someone really needed to offer them some indigestion tablets, they would have been right as rain!
Suzanne: What did you think of Adria?
Fran: I actually liked Adria
Annie: I liked her. I liked her strength.
Fran: Strong and soft
Suzanne: Lol! She sounds like toilet tissue! Yeah she was okay I just wasn’t feeling them
Annie: What would you rate the sex scenes?
Suzanne: There should have been more of them!
Fran: Yes I could’ve used more
Annie: I thought she did great with writing the sexual tension though. Singh is number one when it comes to writing sexual tension. No other can compete.
Suzanne: Yeah, she is good at that.
Fran: But you know there had to be time for the funny moments, I mean come on I LOVED seeing drunk Riley and Hawke talking about pupcats
Annie: OMG I loved that!!!!! Easily my fave part of the book!
Suzanne: Lol! I was thinking cups and pubs lol
Fran: No wait pupcubs? LMAO Suz, is it time to go drinking over there? Cheers!
Annie: LOL Im dying over here hahahaah
Suzanne: No as in Pups + Cubs = Pubs and Cups
Annie: So cute!
Fran: *whispers to Annie…* Suz is having shots while she’s talking to us
Suzanne: Tequila only baby!
Annie: Hawke and Sienna did get a lot of air time though. Did you like it or not? Did you think the POV we got from Hawke and Sienna further strengthened their bond and relationship from Kiss of Snow?
Suzanne: I liked Hawke and Sienna parts!
Fran: Yeah, I think this book really solidified the relationship between Hawke and Sienna, you could see how they lived day to day…it was cute, loved the cookie making!

Fran: What do you think about the plot?! Where do you think things are going?
Annie: Honestly, I have no idea. I know big things are coming, but HOW…that’s all up to Nalini. She has so many things going on, I can’t keep track. She can write 12 more books if she wanted to
Fran: I agree. I know she plans to end things in the next couple of books at least with the original war and the Ghost etc.
Suzanne: It is interesting to see how the Psy are fracturing, if you think of them from the first book…its crazy
Fran: I think it’s all very exciting, and we got to see a lot of Vasic!!! Puuurrrrrr
Suzanne: OMG yes! I am so glad you mentioned him!
Fran: Isn’t Vasic the hottest thing? I think he’s my next hero to drool over and anxiously await a book
Suzanne: I was loving Vasic, I wanted to snuggle him and stroke his hair lol.
Fran: I can picture stroking other things, but you know…
Annie: Wait, who is Vasic again?
Fran: The sexy teleporter
Suzanne: *gasp* Annie how can you say that!? I CLAIM Vasic!
Annie: Ah yes…but I have my eyes set on Kaleb actually
Suzanne: Yes Kaleb, who the frack is he looking for?
Fran:His mate!!!! I’m almost positive he has a Changeling mate
Suzanne: I thought maybe Alice, but I reckon I am wrong now, but I still think human and not Changeling.
Annie: You mean, Kaleb is looking for me.
Fran: LMAO! You think? I think by being a Changeling it would def make him change certain things about his ways.
Suzanne: But he found her in a Psych ward I thought that would mean human.
Fran: I love Kaleb too, I just know he’s got to be the Ghost
Annie: I think he is the Ghost too!
Suzanne: I am not too sure, I think it would be too obvious…!
Annie: Speaking of Psych wards…What did you think of all the stuff with Alice? I was a bit bored with those bits, they were slow. Do you think Alice will have someone to love? And who do you think?
Fran: Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was Vasic and Alice
Suzanne: A psy I think…maybe Vasic? Lol Fran! Our minds are one!
Annie: That would be awesome! UTC matchmaking!

Suzanne: Who do you think is next?
Annie: KALEB!
Fran: Kaleb for sure
Annie: Mine mine mine
Suzanne: I was thinking Kaleb as well
Fran: Actually maybe not…if he is the Ghost and there’s at least two books until the resolution of the Ghost storyline then it has to be someone else before
Suzanne: What about Kenji! He was adorabke!
Annie: Oh look at you, Fran you got your detective hat on!I LOVED KENJI! AWWW
Suzanne: Thats if he [Kaleb] is Ghost…
Fran: Maybe him and Jem next? I want to see how he got that bruise!
Annie: I wouldn’t mind reading that book!
Fran: I loved Kenji to. And I do think Kaleb is the Ghost, please pretty please Ms. Singh let him be the Ghost!!!!

Annie: Okay, if you could describe Tangle of Need with two words, what would it be?
Fran: Storyline progress LOL Orrrrrrr hot & funny
Suzanne: Psy Meltdown or even better… VASIC Mine
Annie: I would say…Slow Burn.
Suzanne: Oh oh, or even better… BITE ME…PLEASE. Lol
Fran: LMAO, I def wanted Riaz to bite me, that’s for sure!
Suzanne: I want Vasic to bite me
Fran: So what are you looking forward the most in the last part of the series? I can’t believe we have to wait another year to see what happens next!!
Annie: Kaleb. I’m looking forward to the part where Kaleb finds me, sweeps me away and we have hot monkey sex
Suzanne: Kalebs book. I want to know about who he is looking for and what happens when he finds Annie LOL!
Fran: Okay so we can all agree on this one: WE WANT KALEB, MORE, NOW, GIMME GIMME GIMME
Annie: Word!
Suzanne: Yep with bells on!

I hope you enjoyed the review as much as we enjoyed making it! I think what we can draw from this is that Nalini Singh has once again written a winner and that our harems are still expanding…!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. My partner in crime, Anna, has been waiting for this book forever. I’ve yet to read the series…but I plan to this summer. Love your team reviews!
    Book Lovin’ Mamas

  2. Thanks for the very, very fun review! I’m soo behind on this series… in fact, haven’t even started it yet ๐Ÿ™