“Although it had a lot of sizzle, it ran a bit out of steam for me.” ~Under the Covers

I’ve read Rhyannon’s paranormal romances in the past and have always enjoyed her worlds, full of action and sexy characters.  I was very excited to pick this one up because of that, and of course being the cover whore that I am, because that cover is great!

But then we get to the story and although it had a lot of sizzle, it ran a bit out of steam for me.  First things first, I actually liked the premise of the story.  Reese is the good girl who marries the hot shot guy, but he never quite made her feel comfortable, or sexy for that matter.  Now that she’s divorced and comes back to her hometown, sexy cop Ben who always had a crush on her, can put the moves on her.

Ben is a very sexy alpha.  That type that exudes sex appeal and never wants to settle down, just have a good time and have every woman he wants, no caring that he may leave a trail of heartbreak behind him.

Reese was a bit too naive for me, but then she would act completely out of character and want to have an affair.  The whole thing didn’t ring believable.  Or course, considering sexy Ben, or sex with Ben, I may have done some personality adjustments myself.  But in the end, they were hot when getting busy but I didn’t click with them as characters as much as I wanted to.

Then there’s the suspense element.  I think I would’ve liked to see this developed a bit more in the book.  It was almost a childish afterthought.  Being that this is the DANGEROUS TIDES series, I wanted some real danger.  But this was a lot more subtle in that element.

I do think this group of sexy Florida men will keep my interest and I’ll read the next book in this series!

*ARC provided by publisher

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