“Just like the rest of the books in this series, Take Me is another hot read.” ~ Under the Covers

Just like the rest of the books in this series, Take Me is another hot read. If you read the last episode, you know that Damien and Nikki are engaged, and this novella will seal the deal. Ms. Kenner was nice enough to give her fans another taste if Damien and Nikki story.

Nikki is about to get married and had taken on the task of planning it all by herself. But as with any weddings, comes the wedding jitters. Along with lots of drama, issues with flowers, cakes, and OMG….the dress issues. If you remember, Nikki had problems with “cutting” and this book touches a bit on how she has truly moved on from that stage of her life. Good for her.

Damien, of course is ever supportive of Nikki, and he is always right there beside her *sigh*. He is hot as ever and wouldn’t you know it, Ms. Kenner gives her readers another taste of the limo scene. Let me tell you it was a smoking hot ride!!!

There was an introduction for the hero of Wanted which is Ms. Kenner’s new trilogy due to release in January. Being that he is close to Damien and that he is warding off Jamie away from him, intrigued me.This has “bad-boy” theme written all over it.

Nikki’s BFF, Jamie, is obviously in this novella being that she is maid of honor. Ms. Kenner brushes up on her story just a bit, and her life is pretty much still in limbo. There were some scenes with her and Ryan which didn’t reveal much, but you know something is definitely there. Ms. Kenner just announced this month that Jamie and Ryan will have her own novella set to release in spring, another anticipated story by most of Ms. Kenner’s fans.

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