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“The Queen of Romantic Suspense does it again! SWEETER THAN SIN is thrilling and unexpected.” ~ Under the Covers

I was very interested in reading Adam’s story!  I also expected it to be a little darker than the previous book.  Since the blurb doesn’t state who the heroine is, this mystery woman that comes to town, I won’t give anything away.  Suffice it say that I knew this had to happen, I thought it would happen later in the series, but I’m glad it happened for Adam.  Second chances at getting the girl you always wanted, who was never yours.  Yeah!  I’m sold!

But while yes, we get romance, I was so much more interested in uncovering the secrets of Madison (the town) than anything else.  I loved every bit of it, like a crack addict in need of her next fix.  And I can’t wait for more!  This town has so many skeletons in their closets it’s so entertaining to watch.  And told by the hand of Shiloh Walker is pure decadence.

The Queen of Romantic Suspense does it again! SWEETER THAN SIN is thrilling and unexpected.  It uncovers mysteries and secrets.  It definitely shocked me at times.  But in the end I wasn’t shocked because if there is one thing I know for certain when picking up a Shiloh Walker romantic suspense is that my mind is guaranteed to be blown.

So while not everything was perfect, the romance was less prominent in this book than in the previous, and the heroine drove me a bit batty at time, this is still a strong installment in the Secrets & Shadows series.  As always with Ms. Walker’s romantic suspense series, you should read them in order!  And you must read the whole series through. 😉

Favorite Quotes:

“Every step we take is for a reason.  All my steps led me to her.”

“Supergirl wanted to save the world.  Instead, they’d just ruined their own.”

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