SULTRY WITH A TWIST  is a fun contemporary romance about a second chance at love.  With a good amount of southern quirkiness and humor, the best part about this story was its southern charm.  The little phrases and and all around small town lifestyle and people really got me.

Mae-June July Augustine *giggles* had left Sultry Springs after the man she was in love with rejected her.  She never looked back and for the past few years she’s been building her life and her future in a bigger city.  When things seem to finally be coming together for her, she’s got the money to put down as part owner of a bar, she runs into trouble.  And trouble brings her back to Sultry Springs.

Luke was also back in town, has been for a while.  After he left June he followed his military dreams, the those crumbled and he got married.  Then that crumbled and he came back home.  She has been the girl of his dreams, then and now.  Life and a judge have put them now back together, in very close proximity and with every possible advantage to rekindling their relationship.

The sexual tension between these two was great, flirty and fun.  Although this book was recommended to me as a bit of a spicy read, I think I was expecting more on that end than I actually got, but the tension and attraction was there.  The world was also very well developed.  Like I said before, this book exudes southern charm and it has a sweet feel-good quality.

Definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a sweet small town romance.  I would love to see where the author takes the series from here.  Now I just have to find out who will bring Trey to his knees.

Favorite quote:“It was a miracle they hadn’t named her Jägermeister.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. This book has been making the “blog” rounds today.. Most people who review it like it.. I am putting on my tbr list.. I too like books set is small towns..