“Stirring Up Trouble is a cute small-town read.”
~ Under the Covers

Trouble is stirring up in this small town of Rosewood. Madelyn Chamberland the local baker and the Emmett Sawyer the bar owner is having a quarrel over the noise the bar’s music and loud patrons are making at night. Feeling fed up, Madelyn escalates her complaints by bringing in the cops in the picture. But the plan backfires and both are sentenced to clean up the illegal artwork of the Penis Picasso…together. Of course, leaving them with no choice but to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Ms. Laurence had a few things going here that kept me flipping the pages. First is the romance between Madelyn and Emmet. I can’t help wanting to know how they end up together despite the hate they had for each other in the beginning. I irony of falling in love with the person they avoided in the first place just made me laugh. The misconceptions about each other were even funnier. Ms. Laurence also made a point of pointing out Madelyn’s character in high school. She was not the nice person she has become but to her defence; she tried to make amends. I love that Ms. Laurence made her accountable for her actions and didn’t make it easy to get out of that hole. Let’s face it, forgiving that “mean girl” in high school doesn’t usually happen. But, they can change for the better. Last, Emmett. He had a bad boy aura that any woman would like to tame. There was this steamy scene and he had me fanning myself. I’ll admit, I just wanted to read more about him.

Stirring Up Trouble is a cute small-town read. It has all the qualities of a small town romance including the gossiping townspeople, the relatives at every corner and the protagonist who loves being in this type of community. The ending was a little corny, and I think it could’ve been better, but it was cute enough that I was satisfied with the overall story line.




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  1. This is the second review of this book that I read this week and it sounds like my kind of read. I gotta get on this one. Thanks for the review. I love bakers and bar owners.