Who knew that one game of Spin the Bottle can make two people confront their feelings for one another? This is exactly what happened with long time friends Lilli and Mackenzie.

Lilli McDermott is the hottest model in Australia. Her modeling career has taken her places she only dreamed of and has also made her a very rich woman. But riches and exotic places wasn’t all that Lilli wanted. So she pursued the two things in life that she has always wanted, her own fashion and perfume label and her long time crush, Mackenzie Harris. And nothing will stop her from what she wants.

Mackenzie is best friends with Lilli’s brother Lachlan. He works for the McDermott family and lives with the McDermott siblings, which makes it that much more difficult for Mac to steer clear of Lilli and his feelings for her. It’s hard to stay respectful to Lachlan when Lilli is ruthless with her teasing. But enough is enough, and he’s going to show Lilli what happens when you play with fire.

After playing a round of spin the bottle at a party Lilli threw together, Mac can’t seem to keep his emotions in check and Lilli doesn’t seem to mind. One minute Lilli and Mac are rockin on each other in the hallway and the next minute they’re arguing. It’s a cycle that they put themselves through because they just don’t know what to do with all their pent up energy for each other. Lilli and Mac have great chemistry; it’s so great that at times it makes them act like teenagers.

I felt like I needed more interaction between not only the two of them but with Lachlan as well which made me wish this was a full length book. I did however like a lot of the hot scenes and the way Mac just melts for Lilli.

All in all, if you’re looking for a quick read with hot little scenes, this will definitely be a good read for you.

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