“While I enjoyed SOUL DEEP as a whole, there seems to be something lacking in the newer releases that I still can’t seem to put my finger on.” ~ Under the Covers

Years ago I used to go crazy over the I-Team series. It might’ve been one of my first Romantic Suspense series that really got me excited so I’ve been a loyal reader ever since but I don’t think the series has maintained its excellence over the years. I was disappointed in the last novella and while I enjoyed SOUL DEEP as a whole, there seems to be something lacking in the newer releases that I still can’t seem to put my finger on.

This novella is about Jack West and Janet Killeen. When Janet is stranded in a snowstorm, her injuries prevent her from getting herself to safety. For hours she stays in her car, waiting for someone to come and help her. Thankfully, Jack is there to help her out of the snow and get her into some warm clothes again. As you can expect, the romance progresses quite quickly for these two. While I did enjoyed it, I will say that it was more of a burn rather than a flame.

I think this has to do with the fact that this couple is a little bit older. With Jack in his sixties and Janet in her forties, these two have already experience quite a bit in their lives. Janet struggles to keep herself float with her injuries and doesn’t believe that she’ll find someone else after her traumatic break up with the last man in her life so when Jack kisses her, she isn’t quite sure what to do with these emotions. Lust stirs inside of her and it’s the first time since she got injured that she wants to have sex. The only problem is, sex is painful for her after the bullet ripped through some of her vaginal muscles.

Pamela Clare still writes exceptionally well. Her characters are always well developed and I find that I can feel sympathetic to them even if I can’t always relate to them. But this novella doesn’t have the same intensity or the same level of action as the other books in the series. I’m starting to wonder where exactly Clare plans to take this series because the last couple of releases for me haven’t been up to par with her usual awesomeness. Even still, I can’t seem to let go of this series.


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